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Video as the medium of knowledge transfer

Here is an interesting idea. Humans respond best to messages conveyed through humans communicating as in real life i.e. with the sound, expressions, personality, tonality, accent, passion and all other parts conveyed when another human speaks in front of us. Video is the best medium we have at capturing these, and the ability of the internet to serve video to everyone is changing the way people influence each other.

The invention of printing replaced humans in spreading ideas because it was possible to multiply a message. Messages spread through writing became influential because they reached a larger audience faster.

Chris Anderson believes that online video is the medium by which any idea can be communicated, not only those that are communicated well in writing. Dancing, music, acting, scientific experiments, cooking and so many other ideas can be conveyed easily from the best and inspire people to become even better.

This is a powerful idea. We may be witnessing a revolution in the speed by which progress can be made, made possible by online video.

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