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Here is a site where you give your email and it checks whether it has been obtained by a data breach in some company. You can then go to that service and change your password.

Hopefully the service itself is not a way to get your email...

Whole lotta love

Music break! Check out Michael Winslow perform the electric version of Whole lotta love, with just a microphone.

Ad settings

Have you heard of the argument that you have nothing to hide so big corporations might as well use your internet browsing history and track your activity online?

Log in to Google on your browser and have a look at who Google thinks you are, by logging into their adssetings page, which is supposed to help change what ads are shown to you.

If you dare.

2020 videogame

A single person made a short platformer you can play on your browser. The character you control goes through the 2020 stage.

If you finish it you will get a sneak peak of the sequel.

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