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Teachers will survive

Here is a video capturing the sentiment of lecturers having to move the rest of their teaching online with a 1-2 week notice.

Courtship dance

Nature has famously inspired martial arts schools. It is a pity it did not inspire dance schools as much, or at least that nature themed dance fights have not become popular.

If you wanted to start your own school, this would be a good starting material.

Loose ends

Current Biology has made available the column that Sydney Brenner kept as a pdf

It was an interesting read and gave an idea of science in the pre-genomics era. It was great to get a glimpse into how a great mind works.

In particular the following essays stood out for me (pages refer to pdf)

Page 22 on how to correspond with crackpots, or deal with colleagues’ letters. It is a pity the advice will not work as well with electronic communication.

Page 39 on God’s explanation to Francisco Crick on how imaginal disks work.

Page 42 on performance evaluation.

Technical photography issues explained

I recently came across the channel of Gerald Undone who has very succinct but detailed explanations of complex technical issues in photography. If you don't understand them after watching his videos, you are probably beyond salvation.

I have selected some, and there are probably more in his channel.

I was particularly intrigued by the depth of field explanation, which says that it is the same regardless of focal length, but the bokeh looks more pleasing in high focal length lenses because they also magnify the out of focus area in the photo, along with the subject.

The one about crop lenses was also enlightening, and it explains how speed boosters work.

And finally here is one on white balance. It allows you to detect the photographers who really care about it, because they wear something grey on their wrists.

Glitter bomb

Just in time for xmas, here is a video that went quite viral. An engineer who had his packages stolen made a special package for the thief, that, among other things, shoots glitter and video that eventually makes it to youtube. The action starts at 5:45.

Electric hurdy gurdy

I recently had the pleasure of hearing Guilhem Desq perform live.

Here is an example of the amazing sounds he can produce.

And here is a much softer song, about a dragonfly falling in love with a tree.

What is nice about the videos is that they show the complexity of the instrument, which has a dragon on one side.

You can listen to more of his songs from the soundcloud addon on his website.

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