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Garden squirrels

Here is a video of someone who explored the behaviour of garden squirrels through engineering. You are sure to learn something.

Antidepressant or Tolkien

Here is a nice quiz asking whether a name refers to an antidepressant drug, or is found in Tolkien. Not as easy as it sounds.


Unmix is a service that allows to separate the voice and the instruments from a song. It is done through AI, and is magical.

I was interested in the music, for karaoke reasons, but a friend mentioned the potential to make Frankenstein songs with the extracted voices, which is apparently a favourite activity among DJs.

It's my life

Here is a very nice cover of it's my life. It will brighten your day even without the accompanying video.

Covid kata

If you have been practicing kata, you have been preparing for quarantine conditions all your life. Here is a quick demonstration.

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