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Cheap Impostor

If you like reading on paper, or find proof-reading working better on paper, or like the idea of making booklets that kind of stay together without binding as a consequence of them being folded, you will enjoy Cheap Impostor.

Cheap Impostor is a mac program that allows to print in half the size of A4, and lays out the pages so they fit in booklet created by folding the printed pages in two.

It also makes printing cards easy.

And whatever you print, it saves paper.

You only need a mac and a printer that supports double sided printing.

It works as a print-to-pdf option from any program that can print. Its output is a pdf ready to print, check its website for illustrations, they confer how simple it is much better than words.

You can download and use it for free, but it is shareware so you are expected to eventually pay.

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