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Unix alias suggestions

Alias suggestions for your .profile file.

I keep these in a separate file that is kept in Dropbox so that it is synced between computers, and load them from my ~/.profile file with the following

. ~/Dropbox/Automation/bash/aliases

First, aliases to commonly used folders, for quick access

alias cdd="cd ~/Desktop"
alias cdg="cd ~/git"

An alias to shorten the command to go back one folder, as it is used frequently

alias cd..="cd .."

An function to open a new Finder window at the current path in the terminal

function cdf {
open -R ./

An alias for a more useful ls

alias lss="ls -Glht"

Aliases to quickly edit commonly edited files, such as the aliases themselves

alias ba="bbedit ~/Dropbox/Automation/bash/aliases"
alias va="mvim ~/.vim/vimrc"

Quickly reload the aliases to test they work after making changes

alias reload="source ~/Dropbox/Automation/bash/aliases"
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