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The antilogit value of a variable can. E useful in plotting.

Merge data

You will often want to combine different datasets with a column in common. This is easy to do in R.

Normalise data

When you need to compare different data with very different value ranges.

Sort data frame

Ordering a data frame by a particular column can be quicker than doing it in excel, if the data frame is large.

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Sex chromosome twitter bot

Mimulus twitter bot

Silene twitter bot

I setup the sexChr_papers twitter bot following Rob Lanfear's instructions.

I am interested in papers on sex chromosome evolution, and thus remove medical search terms. The pubmed search is sex chromosome NOT aneuploidy NOT patient? NOT chronic NOT acute NOT clinical NOT prenatal NOT diagnostic NOT congenital NOT infant? NOT syndrome NOT trisom* NOT sperm.

Casey Bergman is gathering literature Twitter bots here.