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This is a way to convert multiple pdf files in a folder into pngs.

Pngs are preferable because they cause less crashes when dragged into presentation software, retain see-through background, and can be smaller in size if the pdf has too many overlapping graphics.

Go to your home folder

cd ~

Check for hidden files. You are looking for a .bashrc or .profile file.

ls -a

Open with a text editor, e.g.

nano .profile

Add the following

function pdf2png {
mkdir $1
sips -s format png *.pdf --out $1

save and close the file.

Now open a new terminal window. This reloads the commands in the profile file



If it thinks it is a command you are good to go.

Go to a folder with pdf files

cd pdf_folder/

pdf2png outpng

This makes a new folder named 'outpng' with all pdfs converted to png.

Sips stands for Scriptable Image Processing System and can convert from the following formats: jpeg, tiff, png, gif, jp2, pict, bmp, qtif, psd, sgi, tga

For more sips options look into

sips --help
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Sex chromosome twitter bot

Mimulus twitter bot

Silene twitter bot

I setup the sexChr_papers twitter bot following Rob Lanfear's instructions.

I am interested in papers on sex chromosome evolution, and thus remove medical search terms. The pubmed search is sex chromosome NOT aneuploidy NOT patient? NOT chronic NOT acute NOT clinical NOT prenatal NOT diagnostic NOT congenital NOT infant? NOT syndrome NOT trisom* NOT sperm.

Casey Bergman is gathering literature Twitter bots here.