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28. Veltsos P, Porcelli D, Fang Y, Cossins A, Ritchie MG, Snook RR (2022) Experimental sexual selection reveals rapid divergence in male and female reproductive transcriptomes and their interactions Molecular Ecology 31(12): 3374-3388.

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Previous posts

2018 - 2020 - Indiana University

Post doc on Silene latifolia, sexually antagonistic QTL and experimental evolution. With Lynda Delph.

2014-2018 - University of Lausanne

Post doc on sex chromosome evolution. Synergia grant awarded to John Pannell, Nicolas Perrin and Mark Kirkpatrick.

2011-2014 - University of St Andrews

NERC Postdoctoral Research Fellow: "Evolution of gene expression in response to sexual selection"

Collaboration with Mike Ritchie and Rhonda Snook.

2008-2011 - University of St Andrews

NERC Postdoctoral Research Fellow: "Premating isolation in Drosophila montana".

Collaboration with Mike Ritchie, Roger Butlin, John Slate and Anneli Hoikkala.

2003-2008 - Queen Mary University of London

PhD: 'The involvement of a sex chromosome fusion and ribosomal DNA diversity in the grasshopper Podisma pedestris hybrid zone'.

Supervisor: Richard Nichols

2001-2003 - University of Liverpool

1 st class degree BSc (Hons) Genetics

3rd year thesis: 'Isolation and characterisation of microsatellites from the Indonesian damselfish Neoglyphidodon nigroris".
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Conference attendance
Date Conference Presented
16/8/2022 ESEB (Prague, Czech Republic) Talk: 'The effect of chromosomal inversions on gene expression'
30/8/2021 ESEB Sex chromosomes satellite symp (Czech Republic) Talk: 'Is the PAR a hotspot for genes involved with sexual antagonism and local adaptation in Silene latifolia?'
5/1/2021 Popgroup 55 (Norwich, UK) Talk: 'Sex-specific, population-specific segregation distortion in Silene latifolia'
6/1/2020 Popgroup 53 (Leicester, UK) Talk: 'Artificial selection on flower size disproportionately affects sex-biased genes in Silene latifolia'
25/6/2019 Evolution 2019 (Providence, USA) Talk: 'Y-chromosome degeneration in plants: the effect of 10 million years'
22/6/2019 Evolution 2019 (Providence, USA) Poster: 'An updated genetic map in Silene latifolia shows sex-specific selection'
3/2/2019 Invited seminar at Amherst college (Amherst, USA) Talk: ‘Insights into sex chromosome evolution from genetic mapping’
19/8/2018 - 22/8/2018 ESEB (Montpellier)
21/8/2017 - 25/8/2017 16th ESEB (Groningen) Talk: ‘Evolution of semi-independent homomorphic Y chromosomes in an annual plant species complex’
4/1/2017 - 7/1/2017 50th Popgroup (Cambridge) Talk: ‘Comparison of gene expression between XX and XY males in the common frog’
25/11/2016 - 2/12/2016 Invited talk 'The mechanism of the behaviour regulation and its research method in pest or insect' (Guangzhou) Talk: ‘Transcriptomic response to courtship in D. pseudoobscura
29/6/2016 - 1/7/2016 Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden Invited Talk: ‘Sexual selection and homomorphic sex chromosomes’
29/6/2016 - 1/7/2016 Sex determination workshop (la Sage) Talk: ‘Investigation of a homomorphic Y chromosome’
15/12/2015 - 18/12/2015 49th Popgroup (Edinburgh) Talk: ‘Investigation of a homomorphic Y chromosome in an annual plant’
10/8/2015 - 14/8/2015 15th ESEB (Lausanne) Talk: ‘Sex-biased expression as a sexually antagonistic trait’
15/4/2014 Invited Talk Centre for Genes and Genomics (Liverpool) Talk: ‘My experience with RNAseq’
7/1/2014 - 10/1/2014 Popgroup 47 (Bath) Talk: ‘Genomic response to experimental sexual selection’
3/9/2013 - 6/9/2013 Ento ’13 (St Andrews) Talk: ‘Genomic response to experimental sexual selection’
19/8/2013 - 24/8/2013 14th ESEB (Lisbon) Talk: ‘DNA sequence response to experimental sexual selection’
18/12/2012 - 21/12/2012 46th Popgroup (Glasgow) Talk: ‘Are QTLs for behavioural variation within populations different to between populations?’
5/1/2012 - 7/1/2012 45th Popgroup (Nottingham) Poster: ‘Genetic maps of reproductively isolated populations of Drosophila montana
1/12/2011 - 2/12/2011 ASAB (London)
20/8/2011 - 25/8/2011 13th ESEB (Tuebingen) Talk: ‘QTLs for courtship song and CHCs in natural populations of Drosophila montana
1/4/2011 Transposable elements: Their functional and evolutionary biology (Genetics Society Edinburgh)
12/3/2011 SCAB (St Andrews) Talk: ‘Speciation through behaviour’
5/1/2011 - 7/1/2011 44th PopGroup (Hull) Talk: ‘Selection and population differentiation for song and cuticular hydrocarbons in Drosophila montana
1/9/2010 - 4/9/2010 New directions in sexual selection: unifying behavioural and genomic approaches (Bath) Talk: ‘Selection and population differentiation for song and cuticular hydrocarbons in Drosophila montana
10/1/2010 - 13/1/2010 Genetics and Genomics of speciation (Peak District)
6/1/2010 - 8/1/2010 43rd Popgroup (Liverpool) Talk: ‘Differential introgression of ribosomal DNA subgroups across a hybrid zone in the grasshopper Podisma pedestris
12/11/09 - 13/11/09 Royal Society: Genetics and the causes of evolution: 150 years of progress since Darwin
24/8/09 - 30/8/09 12th ESEB Congress (Turin) Poster: ‘Distinct genetic determination of cuticular hydrocarbon profiles in divergent D. montana populations’
20/8/09 - 22/8/09 The role of behaviour in Speciation (St Andrews) Talk: ‘Studying natural variation in reproductive isolation characters with QTLs’
21/4/09 - 23/4/09 Theory of Speciation (Groningen)
15/9/08 - 17/9/08 Challenges in speciation research (Sheffield)
10/5/08 New frontiers in epigenetics (Genetics Society)
24/2/08 - 29/2/08 Genes & Behaviour Gordon Research Conference Lucca (Barga), Italy
17/12/07 - 20/12/07 41st PopGroup (Warwick) Talk: ‘Evidence of selection on rDNA in the P. pedestris hybrid zone’
29/11/06 - 30/11/06 Mammalian genetics and development (Genetics Society) Talk: ‘The inevitable accession of XY systems’ (Invited, Promega Young Geneticist of the Year 2008 finalist)
10/11/06 Comparative genomics and diversity (Genetics Society)
19/10/06 Nature, nurture or neither: Genetics in the post genome era
8/9/06 L.E.R.N conference (London) Talk: ‘Ribosomal DNA and reproductive isolation in the grasshopper Podisma pedestris
17/7/06 - 21/7/06 BBSRC evolutionary genetics summer school (Edinburgh) Poster: ‘A tool to better understand early sex chromosome evolution’
1/2/06 Royal Entomological Society Postgraduate forum (London) Talk: ‘The effects of a sex chromosome fusion in a naturally occurring hybrid zone’
13/12/05 - 16/12/05 39th PopGroup (Edinburgh) Talk: ‘Simulating a hybrid zone between two different sex chromosome system populations’
9/11/05 2nd Speciation Symposium (Natural History Museum)
3/11/05 C.E.E Evolutionary inferences from phylogenetic trees (London)
16/9/05 L.E.R.N conference 2005 (London Evolutionary Research Network) Talk: ‘Ribosomal RNA and reproductive isolation in the grasshopper Podisma pedestris
5/9/05 - 9/9/05 11th meeting of PhD students in evolutionary biology (Bordeaux) Talk: ‘Ribosomal RNA and reproductive isolation in the grasshopper Podisma pedestris
15/8/05 - 20/8/05 10th ESEB Congress (Krakow) (European Society for Evolutionary Biology) Poster/Talk: ‘Ribosomal RNA and reproductive isolation in the grasshopper Podisma pedestris
2/3/05 Life at the Boundaries: the physics of survival and endurance (Geological Society of London)
2/2/05 Royal Entomological Society Postgraduate Symposium (London) Poster: ‘Grasshoppers, rDNA and FISH’
14/12/05 - 17/12/05 38th PopGroup (Reading) Poster: ‘Grasshoppers, rDNA and FISH’
19/11/04 A walk from the wild side: the genetics of domestication of livestock and crops (Genetics Society)
3/11/04 Evolution and Medicine (London)

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Best Friday talk, Popgroup 47 (Bath-2014)

Heredity Fieldwork grant (2009) to support sample collection in Finland (£1,500)

3rd place in Promega Young Geneticist of the Year competition for 2008

Junior Scientist Grant (£300) by the Genetics Society, to attend 10th ESEB Congress (2005)

Westfield Trust Research Scholarship (2003-2006)

Highest grade in the 2002-2003 Liverpool BSc (Hons) Genetics class (shared between two students)

Sir Henry Wade Deacon University Undergraduate scholarship for the year 2002

Ellis Prize for the Parasitism and Symbiosis module (year 2)

Key Skills Merit Award for the year 2001-2002

DELF 1 diploma in the French Language (May 1998) Commission Nationale du DELF et du DALF

Advanced Certificate in the English Language (Grade B) ( June 1997) British Council Athens - University of Cambridge

First Certificate in the English Language (Grade A) (June 1996) British Council Athens - University of Cambridge
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Helper in R, bioinformatics and RNAseq analysis workshops at KU (January 2021).

Demonstrating in Botany and Population genetics practicals at UniL (Academic year starting 2014).

6 lectures on speciation to 3d year undergraduate classes at St Andrews (Academic years starting 2012).

Undergrad tutor in St Andrews on Evolutionary Biology for two years (Academic years starting 2008-2009).

3 lectures on speciation to 2nd year undergraduate classes at St Andrews (Academic years starting 2009 & 2010).

Lecture on the evolution of sex chromosomes and sex determination to 4th year students (Academic year starting 2008).

Lectured undergraduate classes in 4 occasions during my PhD.

Supervised final year project students every year of my PhD, while working in the lab.

Extensive demonstrating of undergraduate practicals at QM. Practical list follows.

Practical Year Years demonstrated
Meiosis 3 2
Chromosome genetics - meiosis 1 3
Viruses 1 1
Evolutionary genetics snail field trip 2 2
PCR and BLAST 1 1
DNA extraction and analysis 1 3
Algae and cyanobacteria 1 1
Mitosis video 3 1
Basic techniques in biochemistry 1 1
Genetic drift 1 3
Phage lambda 2 1
Reproductive systems in land plants 1 3
Molluscs and arthropods 1 3
Biology summer school 0 1
Osmosis - plasmolysis 1 3
Introduction to microscopy 1 1
Essential microbiological techniques 1 3
Linkage analysis 1 2
Evolution - Natural History Museum visit 1 1
Cladistics 1 2
Evolution - Kew Gardens visit 1 1
Open day bioinformatics 0 1